We are the Tucson Hellcats a new entry in the Arizona Football League and we are looking for players at all positions.  You can reach us for a quick response on our Facebook  link on the bottom of each page. Be sure to visit our Twitter and Instagram pages.

Hellcats 2018 Schedule

Feb. 24th- BYE

March 3rd: (Week 2) Tucson Hellcats at East Valley Knights (PHX) 5PM RIVALRY GAME

March 10th: Tucson Hellcats vs Desperados  (TUC) 12:30PM  HOME OPENER

March 17th: Tucson Hellcats vs West Valley Headhunters (PHX) 12PM

March 24th: Tucson Hellcats at Metro-Phoenix Mustangs (PHX) 5PM

March 31st: Tucson Hellcats vs Scottsdale Crusaders (PHX) 2:30PM

April 7th: Tucson Hellcats vs East Valley Knights (TUC) 7PM RIVALRY GAME

April 14th: Tucson Hellcats at Desperados (PHX) 12PM

April 21st: Tucson Hellcats at Headhunters (PHX) 12PM

April 28th: Tucson Hellcats at Cave Creek Dragons (PHX) 2:30PM

May 5th: Tucson Hellcats vs Metro-Phoenix Mustangs (TUC) 12:30PM

May 12th: BYE




For the Love of the Game

19 year old Tucson nursing student and company owner starts football team

Jake Allred graduated from Catalina Foothills in 2016. At Foothills he played for legendary high school coach Jeff Scurran. He made a lot of sacrifices to play there, including time spent driving a long way to school each day. He fought injuries each season. His junior year he fractured an ankle and played on it.

His senior year, right before the playoffs began he tore an MCL. Because the injuries that he suffered kept him from playing as much as he wanted, he decided to start his own football team in the Arizona Football League at the age of 19. He turned 20 on January 11th.

Since graduation he enrolled at Pima College to study nursing while he is working full time running his own business. He owns Total Home Overhaul and Renovation, yep, T.H.O.R.. A fitting acronym for a young man that has an epic work ethic.
He knows he could not do this without the support of his family. Let him tell you in his own words about them.

My mom and dad have always been a huge part of my sports experience. They’ve been to every one of my games, no matter how far away they were. They helped out with fundraising for the teams I played on and helped with the Booster Club. They also helped with my development as a player. My mom let me tackle her to get the hang of it in my first year playing football. My dad helped with my Quarterback drills, as well as practicing for basketball and baseball.

In high school they woke up at 3 AM to help me pack for my track meets. During the summers they would come to my 7 on 7 matches and sit in 100 degree weather to see me play.

Now they help me by reminding me to stay on track with my football diet, helping with scheduling and keeping me grounded and focused on school and the mental aspect of football.

Now the goal for Jake is to build his roster up before the AzFL season begins in late February. He wants to get the word out to all the players like himself who finished high school but still have the burning desire to keep playing.